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Developing and improving engineering solutions to enable those who serve and defend the Nation as Warfighters, Explorers and Law Enforcement Agents.​

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These companies fully-support the group capabilities and shared past performance:

8(a) Advantage

Yulista offers the following benefits to procurement officials:

  • Awards cannot be protested
  • More Control of Project Scope and Budget
  • Direct contract awards allowed
  • Procurement process is simplified and accelerated, reducing the decision and award cycle time to months, not years
  • Direct negotiation providing the best value to the government and lowering administration costs.


The CHARLES contract provides support for aircraft based at Ellington Field at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston; El Paso, Texas; Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia; Goddard Space Flight Center’s Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia; and other remote sites where services are required.

Yulista wholly-owned subsidiaries, Yulista Solutions (YS) and StraitSys support the FBI Directorate of Intelligence (DI) in Huntsville. The objective of this contract is to support the DI’s Intelligence Technology Section (ITS) by providing Information Technology program management support.

We provide critical mission targets so that the following analysis have something to anchor too. Additionally, we provide the targets that guidance and navigation use to target their propulsive maneuvers too. Troy7 has helped in the analysis and production of the trajectories for Artemis I. We have assisted in the development and flight readiness of the vehicle by providing insight into mission analysis and design, including insight into spacecraft controls, and flight software verification.