Quality first, Quality Always

Your mission is critical. We understand.
In every role at Yulista, every detail counts. We approach our work with laser intensity.

When we succeed, our customers complete their missions
…and come home to their families and communities.

We understand this. It impacts every decision we make.
We deliver technical excellence with an emphasis on quality…every time.

Your mission cannot fail because the price of failure is far too great. So we must succeed. This is why we’re dedicated to quality first, quality always – no exceptions.

Quality First, Quality Always Yulista
Yulista's Top Quality Standards

Certificates of Registration

Best practices, such as ISO and AS quality standards, guide our management and engineering process improvement efforts and reinforce our commitment to providing the best solutions with the highest levels of service possible. Yulista and its subsidiaries are ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, and AS9110C certified.

Quality First, Quality Always Yulista

Yulista’s Quality Policy

Yulista is committed to continual improvement of our QMS through employee development, achieving quality objectives, and satisfying all applicable requirements. Ref. YHL-QM-01

Quality Standards Yulista

Yulista’s Safety Policy

Yulista strives to provide a continually improving safety management system that ensures safety of product, personnel, and equipment be setting appropriate metrics and encouraging reporting of questionable safety practices and incidents by all employees without fear of retaliation.

Ultimately, quality is the experience of the customer. I think we're at an all time high. I think the employees feel that. And we can see it through all the success stories we've had recently.

Ron Husa

Senior Director of Quality, YHL


Yulista is qualified to IPC-A-610, IPC/WHMA-A-620 and IPC/EIA J-STD-001 standards and utilizes MIL-HDBK-454 to accomplish all work. Yulista also maintains an IPC/EIA J-STD-001 certified trainer on staff. We utilize routers, workbooks, project plans, and work instructions that include all necessary tasks and quality assurance activities in support of all efforts. We continually apply lessons learned to improve product quality and reduce programmatic risk. Our staff is composed of fully trained aviation, receiving, mechanical, electrical and kitting inspectors that perform in-process and final inspections to verify process and product conformance. First Article Inspections (FAI) are conducted IAW AS9102. Additionally, certified AS9100/AS9110 lead auditors conduct internal audits at planned intervals to verify workmanship standards are being met.

Every Second Counts