We Back Our Nation

We serve the warfighters and the service members defending our nation. On land, sea and in the sky, we have their backs. These men and women in uniform represent the best our country has to offer. We support them by delivering technical excellence with an emphasis on quality. They count on us to ensure they are mission ready.

Our teams provide elite tactical support and rapid solutions to the boldest & bravest people. We humbly serve them for the success of their mission. There is no greater privilege than supporting those who protect us.

Yulista supports the US Marine warfighter
Yulista significant Veteran workforce

Hiring Our Heroes

Yulista is committed to supporting our warfighters on and off the battlefield. We are proud advocates of hiring qualified veterans. Over 30% of our current workforce consists of veterans. We would not be Team Yulista without their contributions.


We are committed to doing things right.