Our Corporate Team

Josh HerrenCEO/ PresidentAfter serving in the US Air Force, Mr. Herren joined the Calista HQ team leading strategic planning, M&A activities, and corporate development. In 2011, Josh joined the Yulista team with goals to bring in a leadership team, re-structure the business, and most importantly, grow the business and cast a vision for the future.
Paul MayCOO / Vice PresidentWith extensive experience in DoD, DHS, and FMS markets, Mr. May provides direction, vision, and clarity to all of Yulista’s subsidiaries. Paul works with all YHL subsidiary presidents to implement planned business strategies throughout Yulista to yield profitability which flows to our shareholders. Mr. May has served Yulista and its shareholders since 2012.

Joseph ParsleyDirector of Business DevelopmentMr. Parsley is a retired United States Air Force officer with Joint Staff and NATO Experience. Joe is responsible for marketing communications, business development, and capture for Yulista subsidiaries. Mr. Parsley has over 20 years of strategic planning, international and domestic business capture, and mergers/ acquisitions experience.
Richard HarvilleDirector of Business OperationsMr. Harville works with each Yulista subsidiary to develop and execute financial and pricing strategies. Richard oversees each subsidiary with regards to financial compliance and controls ensuring that best practices are standardized throughout the organization.
Judy WilkinsonCorporate FSOMrs. Wilkinson plays a critical role in the success of the company’s industrial security program. Judy oversees the security programs for all subsidiaries, ensuring compliance with federal security regulations, and supporting personnel through education and assistance with all security matters. Judy has 15 years’ experience and is a member of the National Classification Management Society.
Tom ZimmermanDirector of Human ResourcesMr. Zimmerman has extensive experience in labor/employee relations, compensation management, and organizational design and development. Tom supports the Yulista subsidiaries by providing guidance on HR related issues such as compliance, recruitment and retention, and workforce development.
Wayne BlockelDirector of TechnologyMr. Blockel has spent 35 years in various technology leadership roles. As Yulista's Director of Technology, Wayne brings extensive experience in the fields of cyber security, IT infrastructure, Enterprise Resource Planning systems, process improvement, and data center operations.
Richard MontecalvoDirector of Hangar OperationsAs Director of Hangar Operations, Mr. Montecalvo oversees safety and quality procedures that ensure our operations meet certifications and industry best practices. After retiring from the US Air Force, Rich joined Yulista in 2010 with over 30 years of aviation and program management experience.
Travis PyleTraining ManagerAs the Training Manager, Mr. Pyle oversees corporate and operational training for each subsidiary ensuring our operations meet certifications and industry best practices. Travis is responsible for deploying unique skill sets to every employee vital to our success. Shortly after retiring from the US Air Force, Travis joined Yulista in 2018 with over 20 years of aviation and training experience.