Troy 7, Inc.

Aerospace engineering & Analytical services for the future.

Troy 7, Inc. offers our customers best value engineering and analytical services focusing on telemetry, missile design and analysis, guidance and control, intel, and directed energy. With the experience of supporting more than 350 missile defense and space flight missions (for Missile Defense Agency, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, and NASA) Troy7 engineers have secured an expansive capability legacy characterized by depth of technical expertise and proficiency.  Our team is dedicated to providing dynamic and innovative aerospace engineering and analytic services—along with leading-edge solutions, products, and tools—to our customers now AND in the future.

Core Capabilities

Troy7 Telemetry Data Reduction & Analysis

Analyzing detailed simulated data to provide superior capability for the Warfighter.
  • Vehicle Performance Analysis
  • In-house Developed software solutions
    • Digitally processed IRIG 106 Chapter 10 files
    • Telemetry decoding to engineering units
    • Formats from major aerospace contractors
  • Data filtering (Kalman, Batch, Box, etc.)
  • Flight trajectory reconstruction
  • Data acquisition:
    • Ships, aircraft, ground stations, satellites, vans, handheld devices
  • Vehicle performance analysis (NASA, Army, Air Force, and Navy Vehicles)
  • Formats from all major contractors (PCM/FM, CCSDS, Chapter 10 Customization)
  • Mission Requirements Assessment and Verification
  • Unique process developed over years of change in the industry
  • Post mission T+4hr quick look report
  • T+4hr best estimate trajectory
  • Troy7 TM Fox tool suite

Telemetry and Range Instrumentation Systems Troy7

Developing ground station systems for on-range and remote site requirement.
  • At-sea testing for mobile systems
  • Mission planning and execution
  • Certification testing
  • Range interface
  • CONOPS development
  • Reliability analysis and qualification
  • Data filtering and data graphics generation
  • Telemetry Support
  • TM sensor requirements analysis, systems design and implementation
  • Link margin analysis
  • Predicted versus actual telemetry coverage plans
  • Detailed mission support plans
  • Setup, checkout and launch operations procedures
  • Mission operational support
  • Post mission data products
  • Telemetry systems O&M support

Troy7 Communication Support

Applying engineering processes to work with all facets of long-haul telecommunications infrastructures.

  • C-band and L-band satellite terminals
  • INMARSAT satellite terminals
  • CISCO networks
  • GPS and IRIG timing systems
  • Cryptographic systems
  • HF/UHF/VHF voice and data circuits
  • Setup, test and mission support
  • COMSEC planning and documentation
  • Communications systems configuration documentation

launch and range operations Troy7 missile defense and space flight capabilities

Ensuring successful missile defense and space flight missions.

  • Telemetry data collection and processing
  • Radar data processing
  • GPS collection/correction
  • Ecliptic Cameras
  • Launch vehicle wind bias and aiming
  • Real-time displays
  • Console operations
  • New sensor design and implementation
  • Missile integration
  • Launch site integration
  • Launch operations
  • Launch documentation
    • Countdown, Go/No-Go criteria
  • Range documentation
  • Range safety systems/requirements
  • Hazard analysis

Where We’ve Applied It

  • White Sands Missile Range
  • Wallops Island
  • Cape Canaveral/Kennedy Space Center
  • Eglin AFB
  • Vandenberg AFB
  • Point Mugu/SNI
  • Pacific Missile Range Facility
  • Kauai Test Facility
  • Reagan Test Site
  • Wake Island
  • Mobile Launch Platform
  • Air Launch

Troy7 Modeling and Simulation

Long history of modeling and simulation of missile flight dynamics using industry standard and company developed models.

  • Trajectory Design & Optimization
  • Aerodynamic Analysis
  • Guidance Navigation & Control Analysis
  • 3 Degree of Freedom (3DOF)
  • 6 Degree of Freedom (6DOF)
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Range Safety Data Package
  • Stress Analysis
  • Structural Dynamic Analysis/Bending Modes
  • Payload Optimization
  • Strategic Threat Analysis and Gap Identification for M&S
  • Radar and Optical Signature Modeling

Troy7 Vehicle Design and Trade Studies

Supporting your payload requirements from initial design to flight operations.

Requirements Development

  • Threat Representation
  • System Analysis
  • Structural
  • Power Systems
  • Instrumentation and TM
  • IR/RCS Signature
  • CFD
  • Survivability
  • Stability
  • Lethalit

Systems Engineering

  • Trade studies (motors, payloads, system performance)
  • Development testing
  • System design process
  • Hardware qualification
  • Engineering Review Boards
  • Risk identification and reporting

Assembly, Integration & Test

  • System acceptance testing
  • Component acceptance testing
  • Vehicle integration
  • Model testing
  • Mass properties characterization
  • Environmental instrumentation
  • Range requirements

Troy7 Guidance Navigation and Controls Design

Highly-skilled experts that hold a leading edge understanding and specialization in telemetry data reduction and analysis.

  • Guidance Algorithm
  • Trajectory Shaping
  • Booster Systems
  • Tracking
  • Kalman Filtering (KF)
    • Extended KF
    • KF Banks
    • Unscented KF
  • Autopilot
  • Max Trim AOA
  • Stability Margins
  • Aero Stability
  • Linear & Non-Linear
  • Controllability
  • Aero Trim Analysis

Troy7 Quality and Mission Assurance

Translating years of launch operations experience into lower risk and mission success.

Software Capabilities

  • Software process evaluation
  • Range Safety Modeling Toolkit IV&V
  • Flight and Ground Software IV&V
  • Independent 6DOF Analysis
  • Linear Control Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Analysis

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

  • Pedigree Reviews
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Diminishing Manufacturing Source and Material Shortage Analysis and Management

Test Support

  • System Safety
  • Launch Operations Safety
  • Failure Incident Review

Troy7 Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence support and modeling and simulation analysis to provide real-world threat assessment.

  • 3D Parametric Threat Modeling
    • Develop intelligence models
    • Mass properties analysis
    • Mechanical system analysis
    • Payload integration
  • Generate RF facet models
  • High fidelity engineering drawings
  • Full mass property reports (per object)
    • CG data
    • Moment of inertia tensors
  • Radar and optical signature modeling
    • Optical Signatures Code (OSC)
    • XPATCH
  • Intelligence product analysis
  • Threat briefings for all levels of MDA, Congress, and the DoD
  • Threat system analysis for MDA ballistic missile target development

Troy7 Laser Technology Development







Effectively and efficiently leading the way in laser technology development.

Current Support to High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator

  • Laser Clearinghouse Interface
  • Laser safety while in battle field operations
  • Shoot on the move laser operations

Design, Simulation and Analysis

  • Mission planning/trajectory designs
  • Engagement design and analysis
  • Post mission analysis
  • Mortars/rocket/UAV target analysis
  • Scene generation and animations
  • 6DOF modeling and simulation of mortars
  • Data management of flight operations
  • Sensor integration and design

Project management, strategic planning, security services, administrative and program execution support on various contracts.

  • Executive Advisory Services
  • Information Technology Support
  • Portal Management
  • Records Management
  • Security Management
  • Administrative Support
  • Configuration Management
Troy7 Telemetry and missile design

Contract Vehicles and Details

DUNS 808544717
FAA Part 145
ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D Certified
$40M Line of Credit

NAICS CODES: 541330; 541715; 541690; 517919; 541611; 541380; 541420; 336414

Additional Contact Information

101 Quality Circle Suite 115
Huntsville, AL 35806
Phone: 256.799.7777

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Performance Highlights


Lynn Troy, President of Troy7, Troy7 Telemetry and missile design

Lynn Troy

President, Troy 7, Inc.

As the co-founder of an Aerospace Engineering Company,  Lynn Troy’s responsibilities have ranged from setting up all the internal business systems and procedures required for government contracting to securing new business opportunities. Troy7 has established a lasting impact in the industry because of the ability of each employee to continue to set the bar higher each day while delivering high-quality engineering and analytical services.  It is through Ms. Troy’s leadership that Troy7 employees hold a deep sense of responsibility to each other and their community.  Lynn truly believes it is not only the commitment to deliver innovative, best value services to our customers around the world that has made Troy7 a successful company—it’s the people!

Mark Terseck, Troy7 Telemetry and missile design

Mark Terseck

VP of Technical Services, YHL

Mark has more than 30 years of service to America’s DoD and Civil space programs in both government and industry roles. Mark has led organizations supporting MDA, NASA, and the US Army, supporting programs including the US Missile Defense System (MDS), the Space Shuttle Program, and the US Air Force Eastern Test Range. Mark’s executive experience is in operations and business growth strategy development and execution.


Troy7 Telemetry and missile design

Troy7 Receives 8(a) Certification

On 11 July 2023, Troy7 received its official 8(a) certification making it the newest 8(a) small business within our family of companies. This new certification…