Maintenance Logistics Group

Performing full spectrum services on aviation, ground, and maritime systems and subsystems for our commercial and government customers.



UH-60 MODifications




ITEMS on Air force calibration support

Operating Companies

These companies fully-support the capabilities and shared past performance, etc. etc. etc.

8(a) Advantage

Yulista offers the following benefits to procurement officials:

  • Awards cannot be protested
  • More Control of Project Scope and Budget
  • Direct contract awards allowed
  • Procurement process is simplified and accelerated, reducing the decision and award cycle time to months, not years
  • Direct negotiation providing the best value to the government and lowering administration costs.


Flight Activity Maintenance & Modification Support Services: Worldwide install teams for various ISR and communication systems on H-60 Blackhawk and CH-47 Chinook platforms. Skilled workforce to complete Maintenance Work Orders (MWOs) for repeat DoD and OCONUS customers.


  • Program provides services support of  over 120 personnel operating under a single Program Management and Quality Enterprise umbrella with 14 geographically separated Air Force metrology laboratories in 13 states across the United States.


  • Air Force calibration support of over 100K items on recurring support with over 99K calibration and repair processes per year and over 4K quality review inspections completed annually.


  • Metrology program is capable of fully staffing metrology laboratories with proven training capability laboratory personnel from inexperienced apprentices through fully qualified technicians performing the most exacting measurements and repair capabilities in the military inventory.



Direct Award through 8(a) SBA to perform a complete rewire upgrade to convert the MH-65D analog helicopter cockpit to the MH-65E with a glass/digital cockpit.

Operate and maintain the US Navy’s Office of Research and Development (ONR) research vessel named the USNR/V Sea Fighter (FSF-1). The FSF-1, stands for “Fast-Sea-Frame” and was developed as a platform of opportunity that supports all DoD services, by providing real world, at-sea, testing and evaluation of Maritime, Air and Special Force units.