Demil Transport Services (DTS)

Trusted Leaders in Range Sustainment

Demil Transport Services is one of the trusted leaders when it comes to support for Range Sustainment. We provide a one stop shop for all activities relating to the maintenance and upkeep on Military Training Ranges across the United States.

Core Capabilities

  • Recycling of Range Residue
  • BDU 33’s/MK76 Crushing
  • Processing MPPEH to MDAS
  • Heavy Tank Armor Recycling
  • Roll Off Service
  • Target Removal
  • Target Revitalization
  • Target Prep
  • Soil Screening
  • Soil Stabilizer / Dyes
Demil Transport Services is a trusted leader in Range Support & Sustainment, including maintenance and upkeep on US Military Training Ranges.

Additional Vendor & Contact Information

DUNS 85989732
Alaska Native Corporation;
8(a); Small Disadvantaged
$40M Line of Credit

945 E. Pima, Gila Bend
AZ 85337, US
Phone: (480) 797-8569

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Richard Harville, President of Tunista Logistics Solutions

Richard Harville


Richard has been in the defense industry since 2005. He served as a civilian for the Missile Defense Agency and has worked for a number of large companies. Richard oversees each subsidiary with regards to financial compliance and controls ensuring that best practices are standardized throughout the organization.

Rick Carr, President of Tunista Operations Support Services

Richard Carr

General Manager

Richard has over 37 years of combined active duty/contractor experience in the Base Operations and maintenance field. In After serving 10 years active duty in the US Air Force, Richard began working as a Logistics Manager, Quality Manager and Program Manager for multiple companies. In 2006 Richard joined Yulista and has worked in various capacities for multiple subsidiaries.

Performance Highlights