We Are Yulista

Yulista is a collection of small businesses serving military customers in the aerospace and defense industry across the globe. We don’t just win jobs to make a profit, we win jobs to make a way of life and help support remote village communities in Alaska.


We Serve People.

We stand behind warfighters and military service members—supporting our men and women in uniform. We back our nation by supporting the Department of Defense, the Armed Forces, and NASA. We encourage and support our teams and workforces around the world. And we push for profits to support our shareholders in the most untouched region of Alaska.

Quyumta, translated into Yup’ik means in unity. This is the ultimate purpose of our mission.

Our Capabilities

We provide on time and on budget aerospace and defense services for commercial and government clients. Yulista’s subsidiary companies provide systems sustainment and integration, manufacturing, engineering, program management and professional services to a diverse range of industries and government agencies. We have successfully tackled numerous projects that required expertise in complex integration in ground support, test, flight hardware and armament systems.


As an ANC, we provide an important advantage over other contractors. Because contracts can be directly awarded to us, we can meet critical needs faster and more efficiently, saving valuable time and resources for our customers. We make the contract cycle easy. Explore the ANC Advantage.


  • Sole Sourced Contracts with No J&A ($100M DOD; $22M non-DOD)
  • Awards Cannot Be Protested
  • Streamlined Process: Weeks to Months, Not Years
  • Expedited Pricing and Contract Negotiations
  • More Control of Scope and Budget
  • Eliminates Risk through Alpha Type Negotiations
Yulista isn’t just a regular for-profit company; we are an Alaska Native Corporation. We have a heritage and a history beyond the start of our organization as we know it today. Our profits help sustain a way of life for the Yup’ik, Cup’ik, and Athabascan communities. By working with us, our customers play a part in improving the quality of life for people in the Calista Region, some of the most untouched areas in Alaska. Learn more about our origins. 

Committed to Quality

Best practices, such as ISO and AS quality standards, guide our management and engineering process improvement efforts and reinforce our commitment to providing the best solutions with the highest levels of service possible. Learn more about our commitment to quality.