We are a forever company. A team connected to our past and committed to a future of enduring prosperity and inspiration for our Alaskan Native Shareholders.


Our mission is to serve people. We elevate the lives of our teams and shareholders while delivering value-added solutions and unparalleled customer experiences. 


Mission Ready: We back our service members & our shareholders. People First.
Loyal: We are devoted. We serve each other & our partners around the world.
Dedicated: We are committed to doing things right.
Together: We work together and collaborate. We’re a family. When one wins, we all win.
Resourceful: We solve problems. We make the impossible possible.
Resilient: We adapt, overcome, and grow.

Yulista is committed to being the best-equipped Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) in the world, performing rapid response aerospace and defense solutions for foreign and domestic customers.

Our responsive developers, integrators, project managers, technicians, and analysts overcome complex challenges delivering mission critical solutions. Yulista offers innovative expertise that makes a difference every day. We do whatever it takes to supply adaptable resources, facilities, capacity, and the right personnel for the job.

Yulista is a trusted partner since 2002 as the preferred partner for mission ready clients. We believe in the power of our people and our communities. We’re not just a company, we’re a family. Our greatest assets are the men and women who contribute, excel, and strive to make the impossible possible, delivering results through our commitment to quality, innovation, and belief in the mission.