Troy7 // Soldiers Applaud Training for New Lightweight Javelin Missile System  

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 A recent article from the Desert Operational Testing program at Yuma Proving Ground highlighted the commendable work of Elon Hayes, a member of the Troy7 team, in developing and implementing the innovative Lightweight Javelin Missile System. Soldiers who participated in the training program were satisfied, praising it as some of the best they’ve ever received. The training included 40 hours of classroom and hands-on instruction before field scenarios. The soldiers underwent testing in various scenarios, focusing on detection, recognition, and identification of targets using the new (Lightweight Command Launch Unit (LW CLU). They also engaged in high-intensity motorized battle drills with realistic near-peer threat vehicles. Troy7 is honored to support warfighter readiness by arming them with effective and efficient training of new military equipment and weapon systems.

Read the full article HERE.

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