Yulista Support Services, LLC awarded 5-Year Sea Fighter Contract

Yulista Support Services, LLC has been awarded a 5 year $46M contract to operate and maintain the US Navy’s, Office of Research and Development (ONR) research vessel named the USNR/V Sea Fighter (FSF-1). The FSF-1, stands for “Fast-Sea-Frame” and was developed as a ‘platform of opportunity’ that supports all DOD services, by providing real world, at-sea, testing and evaluation of Maritime, Air and Special Forces units.  

The vessel is equipped with a large flight deck area as well as a multi-purpose stern ramp which allows deployment and recovery of manned and unmanned surface and sub-surface vehicles. The vessel is propelled by two Gas Turbine engines for high speed operations and two Main Diesel Engines for low speed maneuvering. The Sea Fighter is unrivaled in its ability to be operated as a stable platform for testing and evaluation as well as a high-speed dynamic platform for use as Command and Control, On-scene Leader, and limited search and rescue capabilities for various maritime operations. 

“Yulista Support Services along with our partner, Seaward Services bring the right expertise to operate and maintain this complex vessel. This opportunity supports the growing Navy Maritime portfolio for the Yulista team.” Steve DiNome, President Yulista Support Services. 

Pictured is the Sea Fighter operating with a US Army Apache both conducting operations off the coast of Panama City Florida in 2017.

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