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At our core, we are people serving people. We are devoted to bettering the lives of our team members, customers, Shareholders, and communities. That is our purpose and through our philanthropic YulistaCARES initiatives we encourage others to do the same. Our mission is to help engage Yulista team members with our community through acts of service. Through CARES, our teams rally together to empower others because when one wins, we all win. If you are interested in partnerships or learning more about our community outreach program please contact our YulistaCARES Chairwoman, Trisha Hancock, trisha.hancock@yulista.com


We recognize the impact individual non-profits have on the well-being of our teammates, our families, and our communities. Yulista is committed to making significant contributions to these organizations through volunteer hours, financial contributions, and targeted resources. 


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We are devoted to bettering the lives of our team members, customers, shareholders, and communities. Our annual backpack campaign is just one way team Yulista gets involved. Our employee-led CARES initiative donates backpacks with school supplies to students around the world! We aim to make a difference in a child’s education and life. This year, YulistaCARES delivered over 1,600 backpacks and school supplies across the nation.


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Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month

September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month. Recent statistics show that suicide is the twelfth leading cause of death in the United States, claiming the…

Yulista walk to end Alzheimers

YulistaCARES // Alzheimer’s Association

Imagine living in a world that was slowly becoming unrecognizable. The people, memories and places that once comforted you were slipping away from your memory,…

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has inspired generations through his influential role in the civil rights movement, call to action for community service, and inspirational words. Today, we encourage you to ask yourself, “What am I doing for others?” not just today, but every day. We'd love to hear about the ways you choose to give your time and energy to your community. Share with us below.

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I think we all have little dreams. Goals that we keep to ourselves that maybe we put on the back burner because we don’t think opportunities will ever come knocking.

My whole life, I’ve loved giving back and helping others. My heart had always had this little dream of finding ways to make a bigger impact. But sometimes it feels impossible to even know where to start.

So when the opportunity to head an outreach program at government contracting company came around, it seemed like this little gift. The building blocks to start to build an impact.

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to witness people come together and make such a dynamic impact through a wide array of initiatives and programs that have the ability to make such an impact to people from all walks of lives. We’ve raised funds, created collection drives, organized free resources to people to have the tools and building blocks to live a full life.

Back in college, I discovered my Role Model, MM. Friends always joke or roll their eyes when I say she’s my role mode, but this gal has made an impact on my life in the best way. She inspired me to believe in myself, give more than you take and live life fully by living it with authenticity and inspiration. I feel like that part of myself has come alive again.

Yesterday, I arrived in Alaska where are going to travel to local villages to meet with kids who don’t have the tools they need to thrive. This has helped me realize that those little dreams we have in our hearts, might not make sense to others and they might seem unobtainable, but keep believing. Trust that even when the smallest opportunity comes along, you will be able to turn into something amazing. Not for yourself, but for those who need a helping hand. Thanks for the inspiration, Meg. ❤️#believeinyourself #thetig #meghanmarkle #inspiration #dream #believe #rolemodel #sussexsquad #compassioninaction #giveback #yulistacares

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“Knowing that we can make a dynamic impact in the individual lives of strangers who we may never meet, that is powerful…Just know every little bit helps, and it might make an impact on someone you didn’t expect…” Trisha Hancock, YulistaCARES Chairwoman.

It’s the season of giving and #TeamYulista’s generosity never ceases to amaze us. As part of our annual #YulistaCARES Holiday Toy Drive, Team Yulista donated and delivered clothes, monetary donations, and gifts to families in need over at National Children Advocacy Center and Department of Human Resources of Huntsville. This year we were able to sponsor 6 families through NCAC and 29 children through DHR, and 3 veterans through VFW to help make their holiday special and a little less stressful. Thank you to all our team members and Yulista families who contributed to our Holiday Toy Drive and other campaigns throughout 2022. Your kindness touches the lives of so many. #WeAreYulista #Community

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This is one of my favorite photos from yesterday. Silly faces and big smiles.

8 employees from yulistaholdingllc and calistacorp traveled to Hooper Bay and Chevak to pass out school supplies and love on almost 900 amazing kiddos in the villages.

There will be more from the trip coming soon, but I can’t begin to explain how full my heart is. The #yulistacares 2022 Backpack Campaign has been a huge success! Thankful for all who helped to knock it out of the park… #giveback #travel #adventure #explore #outreach #hooperbay #chevak #alaska

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Yulista is a forever company. We are connected to our past and committed to a future of enduring prosperity and inspiration for our Alaskan Native Shareholders. We draw inspiration from our Alaskan roots every day.

To celebrate #AlaskaDay, we are excited to share a special video recapping our recent #YulistaCARES trip to Alaska. With the help of our parent company, Calista Corporation, #TeamYulista, and our local communities, we were able to hand deliver 900 backpacks and beanies to students in the rural villages of Hooper Bay & Chevak. Our delivery team got to experience the beautiful tundra and meet the families, students, and teachers of our larger Shareholder family.

Alaska holds a special place in our heart and its beauty shines through its landscape, culture, but most importantly its people. A link to the full video is in our bio.

#ANC #AlaskaPride #AlaskaNative #BackpackCampaign22 #Community #Yulista #YKDelta #HooperBay #HooperBayAlaska #Chevak #ChevakAlaska

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Something that has been on my heart over the past few years is getting more invested in my community and creating opportunities to give back. Last year, I accepted a position on the Board of my company’s Non-Profit program, Yulista CARES. Today, I accepted the position of Chairman of the Board. I can’t fully express how excited I am to really pour my heart into my city and continue to provide a helping hand. We have so many incredible organizations that provide essential services and aid to those who are struggling ranging over a multitude of issues. Huntsville is such a dynamic place and if the past year has taught us anything, we all could use a helping hand. #yulistacares ...

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We hope you and your families have a wonderful Fourth of July. #teamyulista #greatplacetowork #yulistacares ...

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We just love our sweet friends at ncac_hsv! yulistaholdingllc sponsored 6 deserving families as part of our Holiday Toy and Gift Drive this year. Thankful for both our amazing employees for donating and the amazing staff of NCAC for really loving on these families… #yulistacares ...

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On #PurpleHeartDay, Yulista honors the brave men and women who were either wounded on the battlefield, or paid the ultimate price with their lives. We extend our most sincere gratitude to those who have served our Nation, sacrificed so much, and earned this distinguished military decoration.
#purpleheartday #nationalpurpleheartday #yulista #yulistacares

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So much gratitude to yulistaholdingllc and Yulista Cares for their extraordinary donation to connectedwarriors! Donations are used for purchasing equipment and to provide yoga teacher training. Thank you for your support in providing yoga at no cost to veterans, service members, first responders and their families! ❤️🙏🏼🙌🏼🇺🇸🚒🚑🚓❤️ Special thanks to a_resilienttortoise
for all that you continue to do to in support of our mission. "Helping the world feel better-one breath at a time."
#yulistacares #connectedwarriors #yoga #support #donate #bethegood #dothegood #serve #liftothers #huntsvilleal #hsv #yogafree #courage #steponthemat #breathe - #regrann #sevaistheway #grateful

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We are devoted. We serve each other & our partners around the world.