YulistaCARES Donates 8,860 Easter Eggs to Foster Children & Families

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In a remarkable display of teamwork and goodwill, Team Yulista joined forces to facilitate a donation drive that resulted in the collection and donation of 8,860 Easter eggs.

The candy-filled eggs were generously donated to support two significant organizations: The Bair Foundation in Lexington, Kentucky, and the North Alabama Foster Closet in Huntsville, Alabama. These organizations play pivotal roles in supporting foster children and families, providing essential resources, and creating a sense of community and belonging. The significance of this donation drive extends beyond the mere act of giving. We hope this small act will bring foster families and children a sense of normalcy. 

Outside of Yulista’s annual backpack campaign, this was YulistaCARES‘ first attempt at coordinating and replicating a Huntsville-based donation drive at another site location to reach more families than ever.

In the end, it is not the number of Easter eggs collected that matters, but the smiles on those who receive them. Thank you, Team Yulista, for your generosity and taking the time to support foster children and families in our communities.

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