Outstanding NAVAIR Site Survey Audit

The Yulista Quality Team received customer kudos from our Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Site Survey! The purpose of the site survey was to determine, both from a quality as well as production/engineering standpoint, if Yulista has the capability to repeatedly manufacture Critical Safety Items (CSI) and Critical Application Items (CAI) for the U.S. Navy. 

Yulista made a great impression on all of the NAVAIR representatives. This type of feedback speaks to Yulista’s mission of serving and providing unparalleled customer experiences:  

  “Let me begin by extending our teams appreciation to all involved with this successful effort to approve Yulista cage (8N4A8) as an acceptable manufacturer of Critical Safety Items (CSI) including Critical Application Items (CAI) for the Navy. Yulista went above and beyond in supporting the Site Survey Team with any request.  Findings were undiscovered during the Site Survey and the traceability study was streamlined due to the extremely knowledgeable personnel made available to our team. Yulista’s team has demonstrated a high standard of professionalism and dedication that is unparalleled to what our team witnessed to date. The Navy expresses appreciation to Yulista for cooperation and assistance with this visit and look forward to a continuous partnership between the Navy and Yulista.”

“We’re honored to share Team Yulista with the U.S. Navy’s aviation quality professionals. I’m humbled that NAVAIR’s assessments and comments further reinforce our commitment to Yulista’s core values. Team Yulista will always strive to deliver unparalleled customer experiences through a Quality First mentality.”Andy Gignilliat, President, YAI, YIS, YAD

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