Yulista Holding, LLC Subsidiary Awarded Melrose Air Force Range Operations Services (MAFR) Contract

For Immediate Release: 11/7/17

Tunista Services, LLC, a wholly owned 8(a) subsidiary of Yulista Holding, LLC, was awarded a one year base plus three one year options, firm-fixed price contract supporting the US Air Force at Cannon AFB, New Mexico. The Melrose Air Force Range Operations Services (MAFR) contract is the first win for TSL in the fourth quarter.

Cannon AFB is home to the 27th Special Operations Wing and MAFR. MAFR consists of Electronic Combat Range (ERC) and the Bombing and Gunnery Range (B&G). MAFR is located 25 miles west of Cannon AFB and is approximately 70,000 acres. Operations on Melrose Range also cover 2,500 square miles of airspace. The mission at Cannon AFB and MAFR is to provide our nation’s specialized airpower, capable across the spectrum of conflict… any place, anytime, anywhere. TSL will support MAFR’s mission by ensuring a fully functional Primary Training Range (PTR) to meet warfighter training and readiness requirements. Our team will provide personnel, training, and supervision to perform operations, maintenance, and support (OM&S) for MAFR encompassing air and ground, electronic/technologic, and administrative services. TSL will also provide wildland fire management, paramedic services, and air and ground scheduling for MAFR. In addition, TSL will be responsible for maintenance of all equipment, vehicles, and heavy equipment used to support the operations at MAFR.

“We are excited about providing range and operations support to the USAF, the 27th Special Operations Wing, and specifically the Range Management Office located at Melrose Air Force Range (MAFR).  MAFR is one-of-a kind SOF-specific range dedicated to the training of both air and ground SOF Warfighters. We are eager to get started, learn more about the mission, and form an integrated partnership with our new employees and customers. ” – Paul May, TSL President

TSL specializes in base operations and maintenance, range operations and maintenance, warehousing management, and information technology services. TSL provides base and facilities support for multiple government agencies in Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Georgia. For more information about Yulista Holding, LLC, and its family of companies, visit www.yulista.com.

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