Working Together: Yulista/Tunista + Demil Transport Services (DTS)

We’re excited to announce that Yulista has acquired Demil Transport Services (DTS)

DTS is a trusted leader in Range Sustainment and has a proven track record with its customers for over 15 years. The DTS team provides services specializing in Range Residue Recycling (R3) and Range Maintenance, which adds to Tunista’s existing range operations and maintenance capabilities.

“We are excited to welcome DTS officially into our Yulista family. They have been a trusted partner to us for many years,” said Josh Herren, CEO/President Yulista Holding, LLC. “This vertical integration acquisition makes our Tunista group more diverse and expansive in capability. Our customers will benefit from our now larger portfolio of range services. The Tunista leadership team did a great job recognizing this need and bringing DTS into the family. DTS is a seamless fit and we are excited to welcome them to the team.”

Bill Hollowell, DTS Owner, said, “Integrating our people into Yulista allows us to work more effectively as one team. We can share knowledge and skills with Yulista/Tunista while continuing to provide the same first-rate support to our customers that they have come to rely on over the past 15 years. I’m looking forward to what we can accomplish together.”

We plan to build on and continue their success and send warm greetings to our new team members, customers, and vendors.

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