Team Yulista Successfully Achieves First Flight for the UH-60V Blackhawk Integrated Cockpit Upgrade Program

The Army’s PEO Aviation Utility Helicopters Project Office; the Aviation and Missile Command; and the Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) teamed with principal industry partner Redstone Defense Systems (RDS) to develop the UH-60V aircraft. RDS, a joint venture between Yulista Aviation, Inc. and Science and Engineering Services, is currently modifying the first 3 UH-60V aircraft and hosted a First Flight ceremony for Engineering Development Model (EDM) 1. RDS updated the existing UH-60L analog architecture to a digital infrastructure enabling the aircraft to have a similar Pilot-Vehicle Interface (PVI) and interoperability to the UH-60M. RDS provided bussed avionics and block upgrade functionality that meets critical international flight requirements as well as enhanced aircrew mission situational awareness, decreased pilot workload and increased mission safety.

“The successful implementation of this cockpit upgrade will ensure the warfighter in the field has the most up to date and adequate flight aids to accomplish the mission.”
— Tim A. Smith, RDS General Manager

The First Flight Ceremony was held at the Yulista M4 Hangar in Meridianville, AL on January 19, 2017. The First Flight Ceremony date was set two years prior and is a major milestone for the program. Within the next couple of weeks, the aircraft will go through final maintenance actions and acceptance test procedures prior to being handed off to the Aviation Flight Test Directorate (AFTD).

The UH-60V Program is just one of the many innovative and enhanced solutions serving the warfighter performed by RDS and Yulista. RDS is the prime contractor for the AMRDEC Prototype Integration Facility (PIF), system integrator for the UH-60V.

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