Tunista Valiant Joint Venture Awarded Launch Support Services at Vandenberg Space Force Base

HERNDON, Va., Jan. 30, 2024 – The Tunista Valiant Joint Venture (TVJV) has been awarded a $15M contract by the United States Space Force to deliver critical launch support services for the 377th Test and Evaluation Group (TEG) at Vandenberg Space Force Base (VSFB), California. This unit plays a pivotal role in safeguarding national security by overseeing the testing, evaluation, and modernization of America’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs).

Under this contract, TVJV will provide comprehensive facilities maintenance and management services, ensuring the integrity and operational effectiveness of Launch Facilities. TVJV will also provide mission-critical support in other areas, including training, program management, environmental management, and safety and security to guarantee the ongoing reliability and accuracy of America’s ICBM deterrent force.  

Tunista President, Richard Harville shared, “We are honored to be a part of the 377th TEG’s mission at VSFB and to further our strategic partnership with Valiant.  TVJV looks forward to leveraging our expertise to deliver outstanding results to our valued customer.”

“Valiant is proud to partner with Tunista on this critical mission,” said Peter Capwell, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Valiant’s Mission Support business unit. “Our expertise in facility modernization, operations, and maintenance aligns perfectly with the 377th TEG’s mission, and we are ready to get to work.”

The partnership underscores TVJV’s unwavering commitment to excellence and solidifies its position as a trusted provider of mission-critical support for the United States Space Force.

About Tunista

Tunista is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yulista Holding, LLC. Yulista is committed to being the best-equipped Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) in the world. We are a family of companies serving military & civilian customers in the aerospace and defense industry with the technology used in ground, aviation and maritime missions. Tunista specializes in base and range operations, air combat training systems, facility support services, logistics management, furnishing management office support, and many other support services. We are committed to elevating the lives of our teams and shareholders while delivering value-added solutions and unparalleled customer experiences. To learn more, visit www.yulista.com, and follow Yulista on Linkedin or Facebook.

About Valiant

Valiant empowers the world’s most critical missions by training, equipping, protecting, sustaining, and supporting those who serve. Valiant’s 5,000 employees enable government departments and agencies, global peacekeepers, relief workers, and disaster response teams to complete their missions efficiently and effectively in some of the most complex environments worldwide. Valiant is based in Herndon, Va., and deploys expertise for customers in the areas of Training, Simulation, and Readiness; Engineering and Analysis; Logistics and Sustainment; Mission and Contingency Operations; and Operations, Maintenance, and Management. For more information, visit www.onevaliant.com, and follow Valiant on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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