Tunista Logistics Solutions Secures Direct Award for Rock Island Arsenal Base Operations Support Services

Huntsville, AL – May 9, 2024 – Tunista Logistics Solutions (TLS), a subsidiary of Yulista Holding, LLC, is proud to announce its successful award of the Base Operations Support Services (BOSS) contract for the U.S. Army Garrison stationed at Rock Island Arsenal in Illinois.

Under this contract, TLS will deliver a wide array of critical services encompassing facility management, logistics support, grounds maintenance, and administrative services, ensuring the smooth functioning of operations at Rock Island Arsenal.

Richard Harville, Vice President of Base Operations Support shares, “Winning the BOSS direct award contract is a testament to the dedication and capability of our team. We are committed to delivering exceptional base support services that contribute to the success of military personnel stationed at Rock Island Arsenal.”

Operating within Yulista’s Base Operations Support Group, TLS brings its expertise and experience to provide customized solutions that cater to the requirements of military installations. Emphasizing efficiency, innovation, and reliability, TLS stands ready to maintain the high standards of service delivery and supporting mission-critical operations.

The U.S Army Contracting Command- Rock Island (ACC-RI) has not reviewed or approved any statement in this document for accuracy or validity. The U.S Army Contracting Command- Rock Island (ACC-RI) and its employees do not endorse goods or services provided by the Contractor or any other contractor.

About Tunista

Tunista is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yulista Holding, LLC, operating within Yulista’s Base Operations Support Group. Yulista is committed to being the best-equipped Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) in the world. As a family of companies serving military and civilian customers in the aerospace and defense industry, Yulista provides technology and support services used in ground, aviation, and maritime missions.

Tunista Logistics Solutions (TLS) specializes in base and range operations, air combat training systems, facility support services, logistics management, furnishing management office support, and many other services. The company is dedicated to elevating the lives of its teams and shareholders while delivering value-added solutions and unparalleled customer experiences. To learn more, visit www.yulista.com, and follow Yulista on Linkedin or Facebook.

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