Take Your Child to Work Day 2022

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 As a child, there was nothing more exciting than accompanying your parent at work. It gave us a glimpse into a part of our parent’s daily lives that we were unfamiliar with and gave us the chance to see the reality of a workplace.  

As a parent, sharing this part of your life with your family is a sense of pride. It’s an opportunity to share where you spend a significant amount of time and attention. At Yulista, we make the impossible possible every day at state-of-the-art facilities, and we were thrilled to share that experience with the ones we love most this summer!  

Yulista hosted its first comprehensive and collaborative “Take Your Child To Work Day” event on Thursday, July 24, 2022. We invited our Yulista families and a group we called the “YuCrew” into our Huntsville facilities. Team Yulista put together a fun day consisting of interactive facility tours at the Redstone Gateway & the ACE, incredible photo opportunities with aircrafts and ground vehicles, some fun “work” presentations, a community pizza lunch, and an Alaskan culture lesson presented by one of our Calista shareholders and Yulista team members.   

With over 125 attendees, we quickly filled our facilities with smiling and intrigued young faces excited to explore Yulista’s campuses. This event allowed our Yulista families to get an inside look of our mission and purpose, but most importantly, how their parents play an integral part in that. It was an honor to meet our team member’s families and welcome them to Yulista. We were excited to see everyone again and look forward to sharing what we do best with our families next year.

This event was really exciting and educational. I do feel this event helped me and my family better understand my purpose and all of what Yulista does as a company. I do feel I have a better sense of knowledge to help me as an employee.

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