Josh Herren, CEO/President of Yulista shares End of Year Message to Team Yulista

Team Yulista,

If you had one word to describe 2020, what would it be?


Don’t say it out loud, especially in front of children. 😊

I was trying to find that word to describe this team here at Yulista and found it impossible to land on just one. Here are a few words that all seem to describe the 2020 Yulista team: unity, resilience, perseverance, resolve, loyalty, commitment, passion, focus, professionalism, accountability, relentless, trusting, excellence, poised…special. I could go on.

We rang in 2020 with a bang. Knowingly, we shuffled some things around and put a lot of emphasis on culture, customers, growth, and stories. Unknowingly, as we rang in 2020, a monster was lurking that would define an undefinable year. Now, here we are near the end of the year in the unexpected position of cheering for humanity to overcome this virus, while we pray and plead for our friends, family and other loved ones to continue to fight the good fight. What a quarter, what a year.

And, while this goes on, you have been present and diligent. We have moms at home teaching kids, making breakfast, and taking customer calls – all at the same time. Patriots they are. Warriors no doubt. Our other Yulista Patriots are our hangar, manufacturing, and property floor teams doing their part to get aircraft downrange to fight battles some don’t even see. Or our teams are giving it everything they have to help propel the US into space again. The remarkable continues. Day in and day out, you prevail. Day in and day out, you bring a spirit of overcoming with you to work. From my perspective, what you bring goes beyond Yulista; it stretches into our communities, transcends time, impacts our customers, and touches our families.

As we close out Q4 and 2020, it’s been incredible to watch all of you be a beacon of hope for your communities, your families, and your friends. You’ve been a consistent inspiration to many and remind us every day of the human spirit and how good we can be. Thank you for that. Thank you for another great quarter. Thank you for an amazing year.


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