Our Region

The Calista Region is a vast and beautiful. Tucked between two of Southwest Alaska’s mightiest rivers, the Yukon and the Kuskokwim, this unique isolated area is the traditional home of the state’s indigenous Yup’ik, Cup’ik, and Athabascan people, our Shareholders.The Calista Region encompasses 57,000 square miles and is the second largest Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act region in land size. Approximately 75 percent of the land within the Region is owned by the Fish and Wildlife Service. It encompasses nearly 10 percent of Alaska’s land area and is comprised of 56 federally recognized tribes. Most of the remaining lands are owned by federal and state governments, with a very small amount privately owned. The Region is about the size of New York State. There are no roads that connect it with the rest of Alaska. Because everything must be flown or barged to each community, the costs of food, fuel, transportation and energy are extraordinarily high. Calista Corporation and its subsidiaries work hard to improve and enrich the way of life for our Shareholders and Descendants.

In-Region Programs

Yulista’s employees go above and beyond to support the specific needs of the people in the Calista Region.

Yulista’s Backpack Campaign has provided thousands of backpacks filled with school supplies for children in the Calista school districts. In a region where a gallon of milk costs more than $6 and school supplies are marked up more than 50 percent, many families struggle to provide the necessities for their children’s well being. Our employees have helped children from some of the most disadvantaged school districts in our country.

Additionally, the Yulista Internship Program is an excellent way for Calista scholarship recipients to get hands-on work  and real life experiences. Our interns work in production control, engineering, quality and safety, management, information technology, finance, human resources, and more. Not only does this enhance the opportunities for our Alaskan interns back home, on several occasions the interns have returned to Yulista for full-time employment.