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Yulista Holding, LLC (YHL) is wholly owned by Calista Corporation, a federally recognized Alaska Native Regional Corporation (ANC) established in 1971 to advance the social, cultural, and economic welfare of Alaska Native Americans (shareholders). Calista is governed by a Board of Directors elected by shareholders and has a 40 year heritage of growth and diversification. YHL was founded in 2007 to provide support to the Yulista family of companies. YHL combines its experienced management team, highly-skilled workforce, and substantial corporate and financial resources to provide services to its supported companies world-wide.


Calista was founded in 1972 and represents over 13,000 Yup'ik, Cup'ik and Athabascan Alaska Native People. The Calista Region encompasses 57,000 square miles and is the second largest Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971 region in land size.


Yulista Holding, LLC, is devoted to increasing financial prosperity in support of our Parent Corporation and Alaska Native shareholders through the pursuit of multiple Government contracts. We strive to develop Yulista Holding, LLC and our subsidiaries into broad-based sustaining Alaska Native Companies that are the epitome of economic success and corporate responsibility. As we increase shareholder benefits and economic opportunities through innovation, growth, and leadership, we pursue the best interests of our shareholders and subsidiaries by adhering to our Alaska Native values and traditions.